True Blend Foundation Blush

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
I decided to try my hand at makeup once again.  This time I decided to created a Matte Blush, (meaning it is very opaque, not so shiny.) for both genders, teen-elder.  I think it turned out pretty good however, it may look kinda silly if you don't get the correct colors, so just play around with the color wheel to your liking.  :)
And if you by any chance want some colors you can contact me and I can help you out! 

And it works wonderfully for all completions.

Okay, below are the shots, before and after.

Below are the color channels:
It has three channels presented above.  (^haha, I guess you can use this makeup to make the Incredible Hulk! haha)

And below are just some other shots if you are interested.

I hope you enjoy it. ♥
Hand-painted by Me