Arabic Fashion Latest New Fashion Designs January 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Arabic inspired fashions are estimated to be worth over 96 billion dollars. That might be surprising to many people who did not even know that Arabic inspired fashion was even considered an international fashion trend.

It might be surprising to know that some Arabic fashion outfits sell for as much as $10,000 on up in the United States and the United Arab Nation. This shocking price for an outfit is just proof of how profitable this type of international influenced fashion can be.

High end fashion designers are starting to take notice of the need and demand for Arab inspired fashion. Some designers such as Christian Lacroix has started to incorporate Arab influenced fashion into their runway shows. These designers believe that styles like this are great and influencing because it allows the designer to focus upon the style of an outfit and not have to worry about the body. Many designers feel as if the fashion world is focusing too much on the body of the model and not about the outfit that is actually worn. Arabic influenced fashion just might be the answer to that.

In the last year there was an exclusive runaway show devoted to Arabic influenced fashion. This show showcased dozens of outfits that were influenced by this region of the globe. Some of the fashions combined face veils, hooded abayas and matching niqab. The reception from critics was fairly welcoming. This is just proof that Arabic inspired fashion is only growing and not just a passing phase.