Cross Back Layered Tank

Monday, February 7, 2011
Okay, so not to long ago, I released a layered tank (another version here) that came in three versions.  Personally, I didn't like the way I did it.  The mesh was nice, but the texture was not quite the greatest.

So what I did here was I made a brand new texture for the top and created a sort of new look for it.  I think it turned out better looking than the other one. 
The coloring is kinda funny, but oh well, lol. 

And below it are the three color channels.  Red is the first channel, Yellow is the second channel, and Fusia is the third channel.  And also, below the color channel picture are just some more shots of the top in game.

More shots:

So yeah, I like how it turned out.  And I hope that you do to.  :) And once again, please comment below, vote, and click the check box below if you like it.  

Thanks, I would love that ♥

Custom Mesh: By me!
Texture: Hand-painted by Me