Baggy Sweater Top

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Here I've finally created, yet another top for your female Sims.  It is an everyday shirt and is available for young adults-adults.  I'd have to say it came out quite nice.  As far as I've seen it does not have a seam problem.  

Overall I am quite satisfied.  I do not think that it is the best, but it is fairly good.  You can get a better view of the texture if you simply click the picture.

I hope you enjoy this.  Please comment, vote on my poll at the right, and check good work if you like it.  I like when people do that to know how my progress is.  If I am doing good or bad, or what I can fix.  Thank you, I would appreciate that.

Custom Mesh: By me
Texture: Hand-painted by Me