High Baby Doll Top

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Once again I decided to create something with ruffles at the bottom.  I thought it was fun.  This time I have created a top for sleep wear.  I think that it came out very cute.  Even though the mesh --on the bottom, the ruffles are kinda funny, they look pointy, but that's because of the lack of points (It's a meshing thing).  Even though it's made for sleep wear I made it available for everyday also, in case you all want it that way.  

Everything with the mesh I made so far is fine.  I thought there would be some problems because the top is high up, but so far I have yet to see any.  :)

Above are the separate channels.  Red, being the first channel, 2nd channel is Yellow, and the Fusia channel is the 3rd channel.

I hope you all like this.  Because I know I sure did ♥

Custom Mesh: By Me 
Texture: Hand-painted by Me