High Heel Short Boots

Thursday, January 20, 2011
After awhile, I have finally managed to create something.  Personally, I think that the textures don't look so good at all.  In fact, they look really funny.  But I really liked the mesh I made, so I decided to go for it :)  The boots also have a zipper on the side.  In the picture below, there is a zoom up of it.  --Yes, the zipper appears blurry, it's because of being to zoomed into the shoes.

Below are the color channels.  Red is the first channel and Yellow is the second channel.

And here are some other shots.  For some reason, in game, some times, as you can see, the back or something is gone.  The mesh I made does not look like that, but It goes away.  I've seen this with other shoes.  I don't really know how to fix it.  But I don't find it annoying.  So yeah.

Custom Mesh: By Me
Texture: Hand-painted by Me