Set of Sweater Dresses

Monday, January 3, 2011
Here I present to you 2 slightly different sweater dresses.  They both come in the same pack, so you cannot download them separately.  (If you want one separately, just post a comment.)  Below,  I will explain each one.  (And also, the color samples are the texture from the dress.)

♥ They have a custom mesh! ♥

Sweater dress 1, has just one recolorable channel.  Below is the CAS shot.

Now here is the second version of the sweater dress.  It is not so easy to see in this picture, but it has straps under it.

Below is a CAS shot and it's recolorable parts.

 Custom Mesh: By Me
Texture: Hand-painted by Me
As I said earlier, they come in the same package.    If you like them then go here to download it. ♥