Story of the Big Match for Kids | Big Match Short Story

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Moral of the story

In a group effort what matters the most is the contributionof each individual. One should always concentrate on giving his contribution tomake things turn out the best. It surely makes you a better person.                        


Once, there lived a large group of boys in the sameneighborhood. On one Sunday, they planned to organize a soccer match. Theydecided that each one of them would bring things used in a professional game.Someone brought the ball; another brought the whistle and so on. 

But there happened to be an argument amongst them while theywere choosing the teams. It was decided that that the boy who had brought themost important object would get to pick the teams. Now, a new problem arosebecause they couldn’t decide the most important thing for the game. So, theyarrived on a conclusion that they should start the game, using all theavailable objects and gradually get rid of the unwanted stuff. This wouldenable them to choose the most important object of the game. 

The first thing to go was the whistle because the refereecould always shout instead of whistling. Then they threw away the goalkeepergloves as it was even more convenient to play the game without them. Theyhardly noticed that they had stopped using the corner flags or the goalposts along while ago. They continued the game, and finally they had replaced thefootball with an old tin, and still kept on playing the game. 

While they were playing soccer with the tin, a man and hisson were passing by. On seeing the boys enjoy so much while playing with ameager piece of tin, the man said to his son, “Look, son. Learn something fromthese kids. Even without a ball, these kids are very well managing to playsoccer. But they won’t ever be able to improve playing if they keep on goingthat way.” 

When the boys heard these words, he realized that because oftheir ego and the sense of pride, they had spoiled the fun of playing the game.The game which could have been a great match was now ruined into a shamefuldisplay. And they were hardly enjoying any of it. So, they decided to put alltheir arrogance and attitude aside and play in the true sense of the game. Thatmoment itself, they put all their selfish traits on one side and started thematch all over again.

They began their match again with all the proper equipment.And this time they enjoyed it immensely because no one was playing for the sakeof playing better or worse. Rather, they just stressed on playing the game inthe spirit of sportsmanship. They just worked upon having fun and improvingtheir skills at the game.