Story of the Little Glutton for Kids | Little Glutton Short Story

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Moral of the story       
Excess ofeverything is bad. 


In a distantvillage, lived a little glutton who was fond of eating sweets, candy and friedsnacks. One day, he found an old magnifying glass in his backyard. He showed itto his mother and asked if he could keep it. As he liked it very much, themother agreed and he kept the magnifying glass for himself. He saw a little antand decided to use the glass to look at it. It was great! The ant looked huge.But as he took the glass away from ant, something odd happened. The antremained of the same size that it looked through the magnifying glass. 

The boy wasawestruck. He kept trying it again and again on anything and everything thatexcited him. Full of excitement and surprise, boy kept doing the same andeverything that the boy looked at got bigger and stayed big.

All of a suddensomething struck him and he ran straight way home. He had just figured out an excellentway to make the best use of this special ability. He went home, entered hiskitchen and took all the candies & chocolates and made them massive withhis magnifying glass. Then he just ate and ate and ate those huge sweets andcandies. He stuffed himself so much with these huge sweets and candies that hecouldn’t eat anything more. As he woke up the next day, he had a severestomachache and his body was almost swollen. When the doctor came to examinehim, he was shocked to see the condition of the boy. The doctor said that hehad not seen a worse case of overeating in his entire life. The boy had tosuffer intolerable pain day and night for several days to come. Lying in extremepain on his bed, the boy realized how harmful it was to intake such hugeamounts of food. He vowed never to eat such huge quantities of food in hisentire life. His parents were delighted to see such a positive change in theirchild. Due to their son’s excessive gluttony, now the parents had large amountsof food in their pantry. The boy now gave up on being a glutton and promisedhimself never to indulge in sweets and candies. 

And so the littleglutton learned that too many of anything and everything is bad. Even the bestthings don’t seem worthwhile if they are excessive. He kept the magnifyingglass in a box until he found something that would really be worth making bigger.How about you? What would you use the magnifying glass for?