Story of the Day of Silence | Silent Day Short Story

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

 Moral of the story

We should give everyone with a disability a chance to show their good qualities. We should treat them as normally as possible because they are not just different but very special.


Rajat had neverheard a word in his life. Though born normal in every other aspect, he had beenborn deaf. He was well acquainted with everyone in town, and all the peoplewere very fond of him. Unfortunately, though, he always ended up being treateddifferently from everyone else. His friend and other children worried that theywould hurt him; therefore they wouldn't play with him much. Elders were alwaysover-caring for him, like he was some kind of baby.

Rajat didn't appreciate this kind of behavior very much. Buthis friend, Manav was the person who disliked it the most. He disliked it somuch that he decided that he had to do something to change things for hisfriend. Manav's father was the town’s Mayor, and Manav asked his father to do afavor for him. He requested his father that every year, in honor of his friendRajat, they should celebrate one day as the festival of deaf people. Duringthat “Deaf Day” everyone would have to wear earplugs and be just like deafpeople.

All the people in the town loved the idea, because Rajat wasadored by everyone. They decided to call it as “Silent Day”, and when thedecided day arrived, everybody put on their earplugs. Everybody started the dayin a great spirit. The morning started at a happy and light note & wasfilled with practical jokes, mischief and laughter. But, as the day proceededfurther, people realized how difficult life was without the ability to hear. However,one thing was absolutely amazing: Rajat rocked. He had absolutely no difficultyto sustain without being able to hear.

That day, no one thought of Rajat as a deaf person. He wasjust like everyone else, even better. This simply meant that he was nodifferent than anybody else. People got to know an all new side of Rajat’spersonality. They now admitted that Rajat was not only intelligent but also hada bright and sharp mind. That day Rajat turned out the best communicatoramongst all. Using his usual gestures, Rajat turned out the best one to understandall. People now paid more attention to what Rajat said. They were surprised toknow how intelligent, creative and responsive Rajat was. They now understood thattheir behavior towards Rajat had always been biased, and Rajat needed nothingmore than a little extra time to communicate with others in the day to daylife.

 So, on the “Silent Day” everybody got to know theoriginal Rajat. His true self was now revealed in front of everyone. And thatday onwards people’s attitude changed towards Rajat and other people withsimilar problems. They now accepted the fact that everyone should be given achance to prove their value. Now on, they accepted Rajat as an equal amongstthem. They didn’t make him feel like a baby but an individual like anyone else.So, the day of silence made people learn a lot of things.