Studded Vest With Pockets

Saturday, July 30, 2011
This is a project that I have been holding off for a long time, but finally I decided to quickly take the shots and submit it.  It is for adult and young adult females in the everyday category.  Hope you guys have a wonderful day! 

NOTE:  There is very tiny seam issue.  But it is not a big deal.  And another small issue is that sometimes when you look at the underside of the vest near the shoulders you can see a small hole.

I am sorry for those problems.  I have tried over and over to fix them.  But if they really bother you I will try again if you email me, because as of now, I am a slight bit busy.  Thanks. ♥

Custom Mesh: By Me 
Texture: Hand-painted by Me
Polycount: 3500