Tiered Mini Skirt

Thursday, July 28, 2011
I have created a three layered skirt for you all.  It is for everyday, adult and young adult females.  I hope you enjoy it.  Unfortunately, the UV map is kinda stretched.  I was too lazy to fix it so putting spots or something on it won't be the best...but yeah.  The height of the skirt is fairly short, but I hope you guys like it!

Thank you guys for always being here to help me out.  Without you guys, I wouldn't of realized good and bad things about my creations and I wouldn't have the need to keep creating so much...so thanks.  :)  I love you all, take care because I care! It has four channels.  One for each layer and one for the band!

Custom Mesh: By Me 
Texture: Hand-painted by Me
Polycount: 1014