Laced (About) Knee Length Tights

Saturday, July 9, 2011
I was looking around my blog and realized that I really needed to create some more accessories (on top of that I need to create some male clothing! haha,  I'll get to that... ☺) but yeah, so I thought it would be nice to create some really simple tights that had a little bit of lace at the bottoms.  This project was very simple and took me about 10 minutes maximum too hand paint!  :)

This is available for females teen through elder.  I thought it turned out very nice.  They look cute with dresses.  Sometimes dresses/shorts come out a little too short and it looks very nice to have some tights under them.  ♥ I hope you enjoy these.  They will add a neat simple touch to your game.  Again, so enjoy these and have a wonderful, wonderful day.

Thank you!

Texture: Hand-painted by Me