Mini Skirt With Buckle Belt

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Hey!  It's been sometime since I have posted anything.  :)  I was busy with many other things.  Also, I was creating new pictures for the CC at my blog!  

This skirt is a retexture of my old one, which I made quite some time ago.  Personally, I like this one much better and I want to take down the other skirt so the old one is no longer available for download considering the two are very similar.  It is for adult and young adult females and falls in the everyday and formal category.  Personally, I think this mesh is really short so if you want you can accompany it with some tights created by me

So yeah...I hope you enjoy!  :)  It is simple but it could make a wonderful addition to your beautiful Sims.

Texture: Hand-painted by Me
Polycount: 930