New Updates

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Hi, I am going to speak about the new updates going on at my blog.  I organized the criteria down below, each headed.  So let's say you are wanting to know about upcoming downloads, simply find the header below that says; Updates.

Maybe you have not noticed but I have had a poll going on to the right.  It was about what you all want me to create.  I like to have people doing these polls because I want to know what you all like.  I had 19 votes, and 16 of them wanted me to create clothes.  Of course I will create other things, but I will try and create the majority of clothes!

In case you haven't noticed, to the right under Labels, there are separate links to different categories of my creations.  So if you are looking for something, by all means, look over there ♥

Comments, followers, and activity:
If you would please, I would like you all to comment, follow my blog, and preferably participate in my polls.  I want to know what you all feel about my blog, if I am making you all happy or not! Also, please, if you like my work, check the GOOD WORK box, below the post.  I would like followers, because I want to know if people really like my blog and want to check back.  :)
Thank you.

I don't normally take requests, but you can sometimes take a shot and email me if you have any requests.  However I don't always take requests, so I may not accept them, but I might.  So take a shot if you wish :)

Have fun:
Have fun, I want you to enjoy my blog.  I will keep important posts, under the My Announcements section, under the Labels section.  Enjoy ♥